Home Wiring

Old wiring, or wiring that is not sufficient to meet the demands put upon it by the high consumption of our modern lifestyles, is not simply an inconvenience, it can also be a safety hazard. Rewiring is sometimes a major job but it might be essential to keep you and your family safe. Some signs that you might need to rewire your home include visibly worn electrical cable; electrical shocks from appliances, sockets, and switches; outlets and cords that get warm when in use; fuses that blow regularly; your house was built before 1950; frequent power outages; and two-pronged outlets rather than three-pronged. Curtis Jay Electric will take care of your wiring when a fault is reported, replace your electrical panel if needed, and be there to answer all your electrical questions. So whether it’s wiring a swimming pool or wiring a new dwelling, Custis Jay Electric is the right company for all your household electrical wiring needs. We are Home Wiring Experts.

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